Lil eating a pear on Dogwood

Lil and I jumped in our car and headed out for a girl's day this morning. I took her to one of my favorite places~ Dogwood pasture. It is a beautiful cow pasture on the campus of where I went to college. Up at the top is a wonderful shade tree where you can sit and see the mountains. The area of NC where I live is so often jungley and thick~ so to have the open space is such a treat. The other lovely part about this special field is that it is so many other's favorite place too. and I don't mind sharing this. It is too big, and too spirit filled to be captured by my heart alone.
We finished off our girl's day by eating watermelon in the pool:It was the perfect fruit and sun filled summer day.


Liz said...

How beautiful! Sorry that I missed it, but it looks like you too had a nice time. I'll call you about tomorrow.

Lucy Ladham-Dyment said...

What a nice day for you both. Miss those days. Keep enjoying her.