The Big Crafty

The Big Crafty last week was a ton of fun. Some highlights included:
  • All my friends coming out to show support.
  • My sister Becca watching Lili almost ALL day so that we were able to set up and talk to customers without chasing a toddler. THANKS BECCA SO MUCH!!!
  • My sister-in-law Ema making me a cool money holder/belt re-purposed from an old skirt the day before the show. It got lots of admiration from the other vendors.
  • A customer from last Big Crafty reading on my blog that I made pendants and coming to get some~ Thanks Holly! That was a great feeling.
  • My AWESOME photographer (who also made me my prints) and his wife stopping by to check it out.
  • Making lots of sales (a lot of pendants)
  • Sans Lili, getting to walk around the fair and check out all the talent and fun things going on. Also eating a cupcake was a highlight of leaving the booth.
  • Connecting with people about my artwork was a nice aspect I rarely get in person.
I feel happy about the way my booth pulled together, although I have ideas peculating about how to make it stand out a little more next time. Namely, white-wash the wabi-sabi doors so they are slightly less distracting from the paintings, find a better and more colorful table-cloth, make a better sign, and make sure the tablecloth isn't crooked next time.
Don't those doors look awesome? We were going to buy plywood and paint it black, but this is more sturdy, and has way more personality.
I am happy with how my pendant packaging came out too. Don't they look cute all bundled up?


CourtneyP said...

Love the doors. Way to go!

Anonymous said...

It looks SO great! Some year I'm going to come down and see it in person, and I can help Becca watch Lil!

Erin said...

Yay! It does look great! I am glad the pendants worked out so well! They look great!