I am sorry I haven't been posting. In all honesty I haven't been doing any art at all for the last couple weeks. I have been feeling kind-of sick.
constipated (i know, tmi, but it is happening.)
joyful too.
Um, those are my excuses if you know what I mean.


Anonymous said...

:) {A huge grin spreads across Caren's face as she reads this post...} I'm sorry that you're feeling poorly, sweet friend, but it sounds like it's for a lovely reason!

Daisie said...

I do hope I have read between the lines correctly and that the sickness is a good sign of healthy, happy things to come?!

No excuses ever needed for not blogging although we are missing pictures of lovely Lili and the goats :-)

Keep well, keep smiling!


Liz said...

Big Yay! Hang in there, it does get better, of course. Be sweet and gentle to yourself. Love you!

Lindsey said...

Oh my goodness! SOOO excited for you Kelc! :) Congrats!

Beth HF said...

Argh, I feel that way too but I don't HAVE a good reason:) hope yours is the best kind of sickness (as if there is any).

Erin said...

Hip hip hooray! Not for feeling bad but for the reason :-) Love you!!!

Kelcey said...

Thanks for the well wishes on my coded news! 9 weeks so it is still early...

Susan Sager Brown said...

Hi Kelcey,
Just wanted to let you know I blogged about your painting, and posted a new one I'm coveting in my sidebar!!!
Hope you are feeling better real soon, can't wait to see WHO develops, teehee. xoSusan

Five Carmonas said...

Kelc ~
I read this:
and had a great laugh thinking of you and your sweet cafe ole menu mix up. Pretty darn cute!

Cindy Benson said...

My daughters don't tell me anything, but I played tennis with your dad tonight and he told me the news! How exciting!! I didn't think I was THAT behind in keeping up with your blog, but I guess I can't miss a day! Congratulations! I hope you feel better soon...
Love, Cindy :)