missed times

*One of my best childhood friends, Caren, came to visit us for a few days. It didn't take Lili and her daughter (who is 2 years older) to start bickering like siblings, but they had plenty of goofy, fun times mixed in as well. Caren and I caught up over glasses of wine late at night, and played/parented the girls by day. These are photos from when we dragged the kids (three car seats in the back of the Subaru!) to the thrift store to try to find some clothes to fit my new postpartum body(friends are so good for that kind of thing.) Of course the fitting room with the harsh lights and honest mirror is rarely a feel-good place to be, but the girls brought some humor to it all. I had to break up their silliness once they started licking the mirror however.
It was sad to see them go back to New Hampshire...
*We had baby goats!!!

3 girls and 1 boy from our goats Windy and Rain.
We named the first two girls Crimson and Clover, and have yet to name the other girl.

Easter in the neighborhood: all the neighborhood kids before the egg hunt.

After a sweet family time in the morning, we had an all day extravaganza under the hot sun with our neighborhood. The kids ate jelly beans and hard boiled eggs, and the adults started drinking cocktails at 10:30 in the morning. (We all took impromptu naps mid-afternoon)
We borrowed a meat smoker from a friend and smoked 6 chickens and a bunch of our pig meat all day long. We finished up our smokey dinner just as dusk set in. And then everyone carted their exhausted kids home to put them bed.

*It got hot and we started to make Popsicles again.

* Seo started to smile. You really have to work for it, but it might be the very best feeling in the world when your child smiles at you these first few times.

It is far from being worked in, but I squeezed in a little more time to set up my new studio ♥ ♥ ♥


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Daisie said...

It's good to see you've been up to so much. Why do children do that?! Mine have liked to lick things too, mirrors, bus windows, ugh! Lili seems very content with her little brother, the pictures are beautiful. Congratualtions on the arrival of your goats, Elizabeth thinks the other girl should be called Lizzie!!

Liz said...

OH there's the face you were telling me about! Although it was pretty funny when you were doing it, I have to say Seo's got you beat! I love it!
Wonder what's going through his mind when he's making it???

Linda said...

Totally cute! Can't wait to be there! And ... so glad you're back! Must be the computer's up and running?
Love xxxooo

Mountain Mama (Wesley Jeanne) said...

Love these photos, especially the cuddle monkey shots and the one of you napping with Seo. Made me nostalgic for those days of sleeping with my newborns in the crook of my arm.