tuesday. town.

driving to Kindermusik in the morning.
Lili's amazing Kindermusik teacher, Miss Beth, sing-reading a story to the kids...
2nd grocery store of the day. As we were walking out I said "Thank you sooooo much for being such a great listener in Ingles today Lili! You were awesome!" and she replied, "I didn't scream!" and I said "Right. thank you for not screaming."
Seo tagged along and slept most of the day. We went and filled out his birth certificate at the vital records office.
She looked so peaceful as she napped between errands in her car seat.

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Linda said...

Thanks for a peek into your day ... It looks so peaceful in your photo-shoot! I'm so glad I get to tag along on days just like this when I'm visiting. It really makes my day:)