in my moleskine

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Liz said...

Kelcey, I really appreciate your post. Its so honest and what so many of experience daily, in different ways.
The questions you ask are hard and the answers are even harder. You are doing an amazing job, I know it! I feel that if you keep that introspective and questioning spirit, you will successfully navigate these tough feelings. It is the parents who never look at their feelings/ reactions/ actions that worry me. We all stumble, in little and big ways as we learn to daily what it means to parent. It is a gift to yourself and your children to be able to examine how parenting is currently challenging and stretching you. And boy does it!! I have so much to learn from your spirit of inquisitiveness and your ability to be so open to self- examination!! I miss you guys and look forward to seeing you and your growing young ones soon.
Love, Liz