recipe box

Remember this post when I was lamenting not having a recipe box of my own? Well, I finally found one at our small thrift store the other day.for only .50 cents :)
It's nice in a vintage yet functional way. It's a big size too.
And why does it say
TRIM on it? I have no idea.
Maybe it is trying to encourage me to lose all that baby weight like all the magazines seem to?

I don't know if I will get around to decorating it... or making nice cards to go inside; but it was incredibly satisfying rounding up my loose leaf recipes and putting them in the box. I also discovered that I have an obsession with chocolate chip-pumpkin muffins. I knew I liked them, but I didn't realize how much until going through my random hand written and some printed recipes. I found 8, yes 8! of my 23 recipes were for some variation of this muffin. I was glad to be alone at that moment because it made me look crazy.I narrowed it down to one and printed it on a blank card.
But first I made up a batch.


Mandy said...

How fun!! I don't think it makes you look crazy to have that many of one type of recipe....you're probably just trying them all out to find the "perfect one", and they sure look yummy!

Beth Magill said...

You blow me away, Kelcey.... wow, in regards to art and muffins and taking pics and beautiful drawings in your moleskin and goats and Sunday breakfasts, and, and......wow. :)

Jade said...

Ooh, can you share that recipe?