new studio!

and my first day in it!

This is my desk and the thick piece of glass on top of it that I love to work on. I had the door open all day and I was serenaded by the chickens baaak baaaaking and clucking away in the hen house next door. The desk looks out over our clothes line and our little water feature (aka our giant dog bowl or children's mud-making factory. It is a lovely setting to make art too~ I am SO pleased!
It is still disorganized and cluttered though. It is a challenge to fit my amount of art supplies, finished paintings, and two huge tubs of fabric into an eight by eight space. But I am determined to make it all fit just right. I worked at least 7 hours and Seo came to visit and nurse a few times throughout the day~ it was perfect.


Linda said...

I love the location of your new studio! It looks like it will be the perfect sanctuary to create art in. And I'm sure you'll find storage and space for everything. Little spaces are so good for that! Can't wait to see the new work emerging from your sunny room.

Anonymous said...

Yeah! I'm so happy for you, KK! And thanks so much for the sweet comment on my blog. I really appreciate your love and support right now.

Erin said...

I love it! I am so glad that you have a space to call your own :-) I can't wait to see it one day. Love you!