6 months.

Happy 1/2 Birthday dear Eliseo!!!
Our pretty-much-crawling, happy-go-lucky, chubber-legged dumpling.

We. Love. You.

(You celebrated with a first sit-down solid food experience of sweet potatoes. You were crazy about it.)


chris said...

glad to see you celebrate half-birthdays, too. such a beautiful child deserves more than just one special day a year!

Daisie said...

Half a year already?! Where does the time go? Such a beautiful little man with such a beautiful big sister (loved the pictures from the lake)! xxx

Mandy said...

How is it possible that 6 months have gone by already??!!
Lilah loved sweet potatoes too...anything orange for that matter!
Happy half birthday.

Erin said...

what a grown up little boy he looks like there! Happy 6 months!