votive project

Designing and hand=carving the stamp on a large pink eraser:
These pictures are from a fun project I made this week for a friend's baby shower/Mother-blessing. I bought inexpensive glass votive holders and then stamped a cut out decorative paper with a hand-carved stamp, and then glued them around the glass holder. Relatively simple, but they looked lovely all together.


Daisie said...

What a brilliant idea, they are beautiful x

Jill said...

Very nice...isn't stamp carving fun?!

Lucy Ladham-Dyment said...

They do look lovely and to me - I can see - the start of the dividing of the egg. That is to me.


Frivolitea said...

That is a fabulous contribution to your friend's shower. Love the image you carved and its use on the votives. Very clever.

Anonymous said...

You are so wonderful....I can't imagine being so creative. And, it was just the BEST time to be with you, even though it wasn't that long.....we'll visit sometime soon, we promise.

Nancy T