wedding trip

Dad, Amy, and my new step-sisters and brother:
Sophie, Naomi, Amy, Dad, Anna, and Joe.

Our vacation in New Hampshire was sooooooooooo wonderful. Because of my Dad's wedding the week was very family oriented. We didn't try to see a million friends or go too far from my parents' houses. Some things we did do:
We went swimming at Elbow Pond,
ate donuts,
hot-tubed in the day,
hot-tubed at night in the rain,
kayaked on the peaceful lake my Mom and Paul live on,
introduced Seo to loved ones,
talked art with my friend Edibeth,
did some landscaping in preparation for the wedding,
went and got mani/pedis with the girls before the wedding(a first for me),
met Amy's family,
visited with my friend Caren,
arranged flowers for the wedding,
drank nice wine,
drank coffee overlooking the lake,
got to drive my Mom's newish matrix for the week,
ate home-cooked food everywhere we went,
watched Lili get showered with love and attention at every turn,
and much more...

The wedding was incredible. Elegant but casual. It was in the backyard of my childhood home. Amy looked beautiful, my Dad was glowing.

Standing up in my Dad's wedding and handing him his gold wedding ring~ it was a moment to cherish. For many years after my parents divorced, my father was incredibly sad. To see him so happy and embraced by this loving woman who is not my mother was healing for me. And importantly, my own mother was a well-wishing guest in the wedding crowd...
How time can heal...

And now we are home having the battle of our lives.
The Loomers vs. the ferocious North Carolina mold.
More on that later I am sure...


Jill said...

you have been blessed with a beautiful family.

Lindsey said...

Glad you had a great visit and a special time with your whole family! We saw Lili down in the meadow with Dane and Amy - sorry we weren't able to see you!

Caren said...

Oh, K, this post brought tears to my eyes. Your parents' story of healing is one that I will cherish for my whole life. How blessed you are to have two amazing parents who have been able to model for you the ablility to grow and heal beyond deep wounds, and now two dear step-parents who love you and are such deep parts of your parents' happiness today. I am so very happy for you all, and also still blessed from our time together.
much love,