This is the first image that I created that for this year's ornaments. One of my favorite color combinations... A 30x40mm print of this little blue deer will be inlaid into an oval shaped copper bezel picture frame, and it will have one or two beads dangling at the bottom. I don't know yet  if it will be a blue bead, a red bead, or one of each.

POST SCRIPT: It was painted exclusively to the tune of Bob Dylan's "Nashville Skyline". If you haven't revisited this album in awhile I recommend doing so promptly. 


Anonymous said...

That is Fabulous!!! Will you be selling them locally anywhere?

jessica louise said...

i love this image, kelcey! i like the red and blue combo a lot.
love, jess

Mandy said...

Nashville Skyline is one of my favorite Bob Dylan albums!!!!