random news.


Daisie said...

Nathaniel starts every sentence with actually too, must be their age!

Why no goats?

Go Seo go!!

You have been busy but we need more deatil!


Liz said...

Whoa, Kelcey! That's alot of cool stuff. So cool about Seo! I can't believe he's big enough to do that. In my mind, he's still a tiny little nursling. Congrats on the woodstove!! We have been pricing them out for our new house, and boy, that's a big and exciting purchase, an investment, really. Cute about Lili... I love it when the little ones start using adult sounding phrases... its just so darn cute, even if you are being corrected by an almost 3 year old;)Can't wait to catch up! Good luck with Leaf, I am sure you are swamped. Do you need help?

Erin said...

Cool about the wood Stove. I can't wait to get another glimpse of Seo in action. Corbin uses actually and it's so funny! He will say something like "actually, that is a fire truck on Brody's shirt" and Brody will respond by saying "actually it's a ladder fire truck..." it's so funny!

Mandy said...

Alton says "actually" a lot too! He also started saying "unfortunately" a year or so ago! so cute!
Have fun at Leaf festival!Stay warm. Miss you alot, and hope your woodstove is working sooner than ours will be :)