off day

 Here it is 12:38 AM and I don't feel a lick tired. It is the consequence of drinking a cup of delicious coffee at 4:00 PM... At the time it seemed like a good idea. A reward for the challenging day I was having with Lilikoi. And it made me happy... Or in the very least it helped take the edge off.

Oh she was a difficult punky child today. Drove me crazy. Probably gave me 5 more gray hairs. I kept saying "Why Lili, WHY????!" and "WHAT do you NEED Lili???".  To no avail. Usually I can pinpoint reasons why she acts out, but today I was in the dark. She must have just rolled out on the wrong side of the bed. Which was unfortunate, as I rolled out on the other side. She didn't get the memo that her Mama was in a GREAT mood, and it was a GORGEOUS fall day outside. Ahhh, well. Some days are just like that.

Yesterday, on the other hand, was an AWESOME day with her. We had her Kindermusik class (always a high point in the week) and it was dress up day there. She was a ladybug, and I painted her face red with black dots.  Other errands included buying art supplies and going to the thrift store to complete our Halloween costumes (SCORE!!! EEP, I am so excited!) And the ladybug brightened days everywhere we went.

Perhaps today was just such a disappointment to wake up and not be a ladybug...
Luckily, even the most frustrating days have high points. And today's (aside from that coffee and Alex and I eating Stromboli by candlelight after the kids fell asleep) was walking Lili's best little friend back to her house after a bicker ahem, play-date this morning. In a last ditch effort to keep peace I painted rainbows on their faces. And then as we were leaving they both decided to wear hats. Who wouldn't??? When they stopped halfway and traded hats I wanted to scoop them both up and squeeze them they were so gosh darn cute. See?

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Daisie said...

Some days are just like that, I have them and look at the child in question and say in my head; "it's a good job I love you so much!" I think though the bad days are sent to remind us how good the good days really are and then we are thankful parents and do not take our children's good manners and kindness for granted.