vacation and home again

Lilikoi getting to take a real bath (rather than the sink bath she gets at home) at Gramps's house on vacation.

We are home again after a wonderful Thanksgiving week spent in the suburbs of Chicago. We stayed with Alex's dad (Alex Sr. aka Gramps) and his wife Laurie. Gramps, Alex, and the kids went to the zoo one day (I stayed back to work), and Gramps took Lili for blustery walks to the library. We visited with some of Alex's closest friends and got to see all our kids melding and playing together~ so cute... We had Thanksgiving at Gramps and Laurie's and got to see three of Alex's uncles, his Aunt LuLu and several cousins, it was great fun. We took the train (a highlight for Lili) to meet Alex's high school art teacher near the city for lunch, and that was sweet.Gosh, I am sure we did so much more, but those are some highlights.

I was listening to the Chicago radio broadcast "Wait Wait Don't Tell Me" today and it hit me that people from the Chicago area seem to be funnier than the rest of us... Has anyone else noticed this phenomenon? Some of Alex's friends are hilarious without even trying to be. The same can be said about Alex's extended family (although some of them work very hard at it). Just an observation...

Also, something else you should know about Chicago: you can get chocolate cake at a drive through. That really won me over.

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