piece work

Once a week I trade childcare with my friend Michelle. I take her daughter for 3-4 hours one day, and she will take Lili the next. 
Often I try to get all set up so the moment Lili is gone and Eliseo goes down for a nap I can start being productive. 4 hours sounds like a nice chunk of work time but honestly, it often doesn't go as planned. Seo will wake up after 30 mins, or....... I can't think of what else would prevent me from accomplishing what I set out to do. But, I promise you, 4 hours is gone in a heartbeat it seems...
I used last week to take some photos of my new earrings. I am still trying to fine tune my designs, but it was fun to take some photos and start thinking about how to make them stand out and look pretty when you are seeing them online.

I found this pretty milk glass holder at the thrift store recently. I don't know why, but I just love milk glass. And the jewelry looks so nice against the white I think.

After much deliberation and searching came to the conclusion that I didn't love (and I want to love these) the ear wires I could find, so I started making my own. I learned how on You-Tube. It is amazing you can learn almost anything online. And then I had my supplies shipped to my door.Amazing.

I had hoped to have all my earrings posted online and ready for the start of the holiday season, but it just isn't happening. Time feels short, but surly an hour here and an hour there will lead to a satisfying bundle of work.


liz said...

i love the new pics!
the earrings really stand out against the white (and i love the white glass against the textured white fabric!)
and i SO hear ya about the holidays so quickly approaching. i'm feeling the pressure too!

Missouri Bend Paper Works said...

The online world is so amazing...so many things at your fingertips (almost literally!)...but never enough hours in the day to explore it all....and I don't even have children! Enjoy all your moments and keep making that wonderful work!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful earrings!

Kat said...

will your earrings be esty-fied for holiday shopping? (or maybe i just didn't see them...)