Ornaments in progress

 Here are some of my miniature prints for my 2010 ornaments. In these pictures I I had just applied a high quality resin dome sticker very carefully onto the print. After that step,  I cut away the excess paper . I am looking forward to seeing them all complete!


Anonymous said...

Those look fabulous!!! Where will you sell them?

Anonymous said...

oooooh yummy. i love your art.

nance in nh

Anonymous said...

oooh la la! i can't wait to see how they turn out!
love you,

Susan Sager Brown said...

Hello, my friend!! Happy Thanksgiving, your Art is on my list of things I'm grateful for in this world!! Your family is growing beautifully! I know how hard it is to create and Be Present and Raise your kids!! I am proud of you!!! And I Love your ornaments!! xoS

Anonymous said...

oh lovely! I want to buy a million!!!