1st Birthday

Here is a little clip of us celebrating Eliseo's birthday tonight at the Carmona's house.

It feels so bittersweet to have him turn one. I felt on the verge of tears all day because of it. You know,  I kissed him probably a hundred times. No matter how many times I kiss his soft baby cheeks though, he is pushing ahead, and reaching for toddler-hood with determination.

To think at this time last year I was holding a tiny little bundle with wonderment... and now just a year later he has etched his way into my life, so familiar, as if he has been with me all along.

Love can bend time like that.

(*Here is another video of the kids after he opened his presents. I love how when we ask Lili to hand the hammer back she does it graciously. She was so good with him all day too. They tumbled and wrestled around on the couch together.)


Kathleen said...

Looks so much like Alley Cat at that age I feel like I'm in the Twilight Zone. Very strange to see my little baby boy again, only he's not mine anymore. Mine grew up and got all hairy and won't let me smother him with kisses anymore...so smother away, mommy:) Awesome film clip. Cam't wait to see you. xo

Daisie said...

How can it be a whole year! Time flies so very fast. Happy day to you all xxx

Naomi said...

happy birthday seo!!!

wildviolets said...

Happy birthday sweet Seo! I cannot believe it has been a year!