I finally figured out how to make a seamless, repeat pattern with photoshop today.  It is SO addictive and so much fun. Everywhere I looked after that I was thinking about patterns and designs and how different things could be incorporated into a pattern. The ease of making a pattern digitally is amazing!
Here is the tutorial that I| used which explains it nicely.

Also, Here is a tutorial that explains how you could make a pattern by hand. It is so simple, and yet I for one have never done it before. That will be my next project I think. 


Missouri Bend Paper Works said...

I love pattern and love what you are doing with it! Thanks so much for posting these links....I know enough about photoshop to get my photos adjusted and sized to post in my shop, but need to learn more obviously! Thanks for posting both the links...making pattern by hand is a great way for me to start! Keep up the great work! P.

Kathleen said...

Beautiful! Hmmmm....I wonder if someone who is artistically-challenged (me) could do this. We'll see.

Big birthday tomorrow:) Are you ready?