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I have been continuing to explore the digital realm of photoshop this week. Some things (like figuring out how to make the text warp and wave) is exhilarating. Overall though it doesn't have the same feeling as sitting down and painting. I mean, I guess this is obvious... But one hour with the keyboard and computer screen has a completely different feel than an hour with a piece of cold press paper and a soft pencil and some inks.  Once I get the hang of it a bit more though I am looking forward to trying to create some art layers to mix digitally. That sounds like a fun challenge.
Speaking of this. When I was at a show a couple months ago I had a conversation with a woman concerning my prints. She was flipping through them and she looked up at me and casually said "I have been wanting to get into the digital world too".  It was one of those moments I felt like a socially awkward person and I couldn't think of a way to politely say that my work is all done by hand. I forget exactly how I replied, but I got the message across. I just wonder how often people assume my paintings are created digitally...


Kathleen said...

He's walking!?!?!? NOOOOOOOOOooo! It's going too fast! And, boy oh boy, he looks like Alley Cat! So, of course, he is perfect. Miss you so much.

TKlein said...

Looks like a call to re-emphasize in any marketing materials for your work and online that the works are original, handmade, etc. Nothing necessarily wrong with digital work, but the fact that you get the look you do without digital enhancement is pretty amazing and worth advertising!