Around Our Land This Week

  1.  A beautiful vine we planted years ago. I have no idea what it is.
  2. Our house with our funny new stove pipe climbing up the front. On the to-do list again this year is to plaster the bottom half of our house. We shall see.
  3. Our compost bins made from recycled pallets.
  4. Fresh sand in the sand box. "Hey Mom, would you like some pie?"
  5. Bare feet = happy kids...
  6. I planted a huge row of peas but only two came up. 
  7. Five gallon buckets are the best. 
  8. Irises just bloomed 2 days ago. They are so pretty swaying in the breeze.
  9. Something Alex built around one of our garden pumps to prevent freezing.
  10. A garden bed Ema prepped for yarrow and LOTS of basil. 


chris said...

your vine looks like it might be clematis - and your iris are beautiful! i love the pallet idea for compost! and i am so envious of bare feet. in NH today, i had to drag out boots again.

Kathleen said...

Spring is the best time of the year! So glad it is in full bloom for all of you on the mountain. Happy Easter to all of you.