studio day

 I had a lovely studio day on Sunday.  As I painted I overlooked Alex trimming mountain-berry vines. It was a nice view   ; )
 I painted for hours. And I was so happy.
 And then a little bird came knocking on my studio door. 
 So I let her in.
 A detail of the same painting I have been working on for months:
And finished but with no name yet...
xxx Kelcey


Anonymous said...

Gorgeous painting and adorable family!

Mandy said...

Did Alex get a haircut??
Love the painting, miss you lots!

Sweet Mess said...

Yes, he shaved his head and his beard~ He looks really different!

Anonymous said...

lovely indeed:) thanks mama for sharing glimpes of your inspiring process and work...with appreciation

Anonymous said...

i love this window into your world, and the painting too!