history of place

Where are you right now?

Are you in your home?, in a coffee shop? At work?
Look around you and wonder/remember what this place looked like last year. Was the sofa over there?
What about before you knew this place?
What did it look like when your grandparents were children?
What did it smell like 100 years ago?
How about 1,000 years ago?
How about 2,000 years ago when your great (x100) grandparents were alive?

I found this arrowhead in our garden and it made me remember:

  1. That my home is not my ancestral home. My great x100 Grandparents did not live here and make this arrowhead. And in some ways I feel like a cultural orphan. 
  2. Our home is probably on stolen land. Not on paper, but in my heart. The Muscogee Creek people who lived in this area were "relocated" to Oklahoma in the Trail of Tears in the 1830's. Even if they didn't "own" it then, it is very clear they did not want the white people on their lands. 
  3. That I have so much to learn about this little 2.5 acers we call home, and I feel called to unravel the history of my place.

How about you?

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Liz said...

Wow! You are right.. its fascinating to imagine the native people quietly working and walking all over your land. Imagining who was using that arrowhead, what was he hunting? Did he catch it... did it feed a family? Did they live nearby? How special!