time away

I got home last night from my trip to the California coast. My first day there I got to see my brother-in-law in LA which was a treat. He and and his girlfriend Jen braved the thick traffic to pick me up at the airport late at night, and made me a huge country breakfast in the morning, then gave me an in-depth tour of Hollywood on the way to dropping me off in Malibu. I spent the rest of my time soaking in newborn twin land with my friend Christine. Life with two is a lot more work than life with one. And from experience I know that life with one newborn is not easy.

It is amazing to see friends rise to meet life's challenges with grace. Christine was running on empty, but was still doing an amazing job being a new mom. Really amazing. Her babies (Elle & Cruz) were heart-meltingly sweet.  When I talked to Alex on the phone I told him "They are SO cute" and he cleared his throat and said "ha ha, okay, don't bring them home..." but what I think he meant was don't come home with any ideas. Well. I didn't come home with any ideas like that, but I sure miss those soft squishy cheeks already.

On my return Alex met me at the airport with flowers from our garden (♥) and Lili sprinted into my arms when I got out of the car and gave me a five minute hug. Seo kind of rubbed his eyes and whimpered when he saw me as if he were seeing a mirage. It seems like the kids had some wonderful quality Daddio time without me.

Now Alex is going to work 10 days straight to make up for the work he has and will miss in the coming month. The big crafty is coming up (Mark your calenders: Sunday, July 10th), so I need to be spending nap times and evenings getting ready. I want re-do my booth display, so that is something I will be trying to figure out this week too.

As hard as it was to leave, it is good to be home.


Cindy said...

Hi Kelcey! That's so great that you got to visit Christine! Big decision to leave the family, but I'm sure it was a really special time. I love your writing and the description of your homecoming! So sweet! It's amazing to see Christine's pictures and imagine how her life must be completely changed. I bet she's an awesome mom! How cool to see such an old friend moving into a new phase of life...

Good luck with your fair this year! And I LOVE your new earrings!!
Love, Cindy
PS We're up in Castine and I took some pics of Clara doing watercolors in the back yard - reminded me so much of you and Caren! Check them out on FB...

Erin said...

Sounds like you got some good lovin in with two little cuties. And I am sure Christine loved having you all to herself to help out. Can't wait to hear about it.