Alex and I have been working at night trying to get together a good stock of earrings for our Seed & Sky business. He has been working long hours, and many days in a row at his carpentry job (to make up for lost time when he had the kids and I went to California, and also in anticipation of our trip to Chicago for his grandmother's funeral). It is hard to see him so tired, but it is enjoyable to spend time together in this way.

So for now the evenings, after the kids have gone to bed, is the best time (really only) to get work done.  But it works.

Tonight I had a few kamikaze bugs fly onto my glue and get stuck. Poor bugs...


Liz said...

Its a beautiful photo, Kelcey. Way to go after your dream, sweet sister! What a good man you have:):):)!

Linda said...

Ditto to Liz!