Artist :: Elly MacKay

Elly MacKay is an artist who lives north of Toronto in Owen Sound, Ontario, Canada. I stumbled upon her Etsy Site recently and was instantly intrigued by the beauty and depth.  
I felt almost dizzy as my head tried to decipher what was going on until I read a little bit about how her work is created. Her prints are photographs of three dimensional scenes she creates. Here is a description in her own words about her process: 

"Once I have some layers I begin to install them in my 'theater', a sweet little one that my husband made for me. The image above gives a sense of the scale I am working with. The theater is open on all sides, allowing me to light things from any angle. I use parchment for skies and often place coloured tissue behind it, to create distant landscape or clouds. Due to the open sides and bottom, it can be tricky to have everything stay in place. The frame of the theater has holes to string wire to hold everything in place." 

I went through ALL of her prints on Etsy, and I fell in love.
"My work often tells a moment in a story, and often plays with the themes of childhood, and the ephemeral. I look to my own childhood, my experiences as a mother, Victorian curiosities, vintage book illustrations,  and set design. I have recently begun working on a larger scale, creating installations." 
~Elly MacKay
Aren't they amazing?

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