beach vacation 2011

Vacation came and went in a hot, salty, swirl of family, food, and waves.

* Lili conquered her intense fear of the roaring ocean.
* We built a sand castle.
* The kids lived on cheese, crackers, and juice.
* We drank beer and ate rich food all together.
* We spent time quality time with my grandparents.
* I went for a long beach walk with my aunt.
*Had sister time. Even though we are lucky enough to live near Becca and Dave, it is special to spend a week together.
*Got to know my step-sister Naomi better & Lili loved playing with her.
* I drank coffee and listened to my Dad and Amy do the crossword each morning.

Unfortunately, while we were there both kids got sick, got fevers, broke out in full body rashes, & threw up. Seo all over me, Lili all over the rental house comforter (and that is when the house washing machine called it quits.) We had a more low key vacation because of them not feeling well, but in some ways it was nice. We read a lot which was a treat.

Before we left I had planned on working at least a little while there, but then at the last minute we decided to leave it all behind. It was refreshing to not have the option to work.

Everyone helped tremendously with our kids~ enabling it to feel like a true vacation.
It feels like it went too fast, and I already miss my family...

On the flip side, it feels really nice to be home too.

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Erin said...

Sounds like you had a good time despite the sickness. I know what that's like... hope everyone is on the mend. And also that you left work at home :-)