summer big crafty!

 It has been forever since I posted here...

While I was absent we went to Chicago for Alex's Grandmother's "Celebration of Life party". It was such a sweet mixture of tears, rekindling family ties, bellies hurting from laughing so much, family stories, food (lots of pizza and diner breakfasts!) and suburban adventures. We got home at 2:30 am Saturday morning and woke up a few hours later to bust out our Big Crafty preparations. We crossed everything off our list, had the truck packed and ready to go, and were in bed by 1:30 am the next morning.

A little about The Big Crafty photos:

  1.  I changed up my booth this time and didn't make it as deep as I usually do. I left about 1/3 of the 10'x10' area for back-stock and for me and Alex to stand. I don't want my space to feel intimidating, and I think by making this shift customers can more easily browse by and not feel like they have to commit to coming into a cave. Does that make sense? Next time I want to have something at the very edge that is eye catching. I am not sure yet what that will be... Also, do you see that cool booth right next to me??? That's my sister Rebecca and her Etchville booth!!! (Etchville.com
  2. Testing out our new earring cards I designed. I feel like they still need some bling, but I was happy with the improvement. They are hanging from a light blue baker's twine using mini clothespins. (I have been using these in my packaging for my Etsy shop too)
  3. I did sell a painting yesterday, but not this one. I love this painting and I will have a twinge of sadness whenever it does decide to leave me :)
  4. Alex and I made a giant leap into 2011 when we bought a droid smartphone this month! The application that enables you to take credit cards was the inspiration for the purchase. Using it at The Big Crafty was SO easy. For $1 they send you the small plug in that you use to swipe the customer's card. Then they charge you 3% for every transaction. 
  5. And lastly, This is Rose! Lili named her. I bought her new on Ebay to model our earrings. I like how plain she is. She looks a little like an alien, but I promise you she is way less scary than a lot of the other models. I think she was $38 including shipping. (see here)

I always enjoy The Big Crafty. I met some new artists and craft people, and reconnected with some regulars. It is always something I look forward too... and yet I am always relieved when it is done. Today Alex went back to work, and the kids and I are settling back into our regular life.


wildviolets said...

I am so sad we missed it yesterday!! Were were visiting family in Alabama. I love your new earring holders and Rose looks lovely.

Nancy Tripp said...

I like the plain model head. It sort of beautifies those women who must lose their hair in their fight against cancer.

I'm glad your show went well...and hopefully so did Becca's. Love to you all.