family dinner

 Alex has been working long hours finishing up the house he has been working on for over a year. We have shifted the kids bedtime a tiny bit later so we can have a family dinner most nights. It is one of my favorite times of day. Favorite, unless it is a food battle night and everyone turns grumpy. Lili is at that age where most foods are suspious, and it has been a challenge to attempt to get her to eat the healthy things and yet keep it lighthearted at the table.
Our rule is that everyone has to at least try everything on their plate. If they don't want to eat, fine. And as we set her plate down and she starts to whine we say "Don't tell us what you don't like, start by telling us what you DO like." However, as we have to repeat this every night, I am not so sure it is sinking in... *sigh*
Last night she could have eaten the entire cornbread. She tried then gave the squash soup a huge thumbs down (as expected). And the peas with butter got a so-so response. As you can see from her plate in the picture she mostly just spread them out. ;)

In other news: we are busy getting ready to vend at the LAAFF Festival this weekend!
LAAFF (Lexington Ave Art and Fun Festival) is one of the most unique street fairs you will ever see. Lots of people in wigs and tutus, bike jousting, art demos, hula hooping, fire dancing, local music, local food... Asheville is known for being weird and wonderful, and LAAFF is the festival that celebrates those qualities.  I am sure I will have some great photos to share after the festival!
We have babysitters lined up, and boxes of prints, cards, and jewelry stacked on the stairs ready. I am making price signs today. I am getting excited. If you are in the area please stop in and say hello!

Also, I wanted to mention, since it seems to be under-reported thus far, that upstate NY (see here) and in VT (see here) are reeling from the massive devastation left behind from the flooding from Hurricane Irene. All these towns that I love, including the area where my maternal family is from (and much of my extended family lives), have been badly damaged. Whole towns are isolated with no way in other than helicopters.  I am thankful none of my family and friends lost their lives or houses though. And my heart goes out to all who have.  

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Erin said...

Ah, family dinner! I love the idea but reality at our house is very much the same. We do it almost every single night but most nights Corbin's plate goes back almost as full as it started. At least he is sitting with us longer these days. AND Eliza just ends up feeding all her food to Brindzi!