gettin' stuff done

I was recently talking to a friend and she was telling me how impressed she was with all that I get accomplished with two little ones, and she questioned how I do it all.
And I said: "Well, I have no social life."
And she laughed.
And I said No, Really. 

It isn't entirely true. Buuuuut, pretty much.

I brought my print station into the living room today so I could print out my new greeting cards while I watched the kids in the sandbox. They look amazing. I am using Mohawk paper which is heavyweight, archival, & environmentally friendly. The company is a woman owned business, the cards are 30% post consumer waste, and the power to the mill is 100% wind generated. So cool!  Here's the link, although I bought the card stock from Clear bags.

My to-do list is extraordinarily long this week~ but it's coming along!
xxx Kelcey


Anonymous said...

Fabulous choice of papers! You go girl. your prints look great. I have seen and bought them at a craft fair or two.

gretchenmist . . . {belinda} said...

ooh yes, i can totally relate to this!!
i have all my computer/printer stuff in the living room otherwise it's just not possible!!
your cards sound wonderful :)

Kathleen said...

Some day when you have all the time in the world to socialize, you'll be yearning for a day like today;) It's just one of those mysteries of life.

Love you so much! You are amazing!