our tiny home tour

Stats about our home:
* 650 square feet (about 100 of the square feet are stairs)
* Downstairs we have a painted concrete floor (what it will be in the future is yet to be determined) with piping running underneath so in the future we will be able to heat or cool our house with water. 
* The first thing you see when you walk in the front door is the shower. When we build our addition, the shower (and hopefully a bath as well) will be in the bathroom, and the current shower will become a coat closet. 
* Our water supply is pumped from our mountain spring.
* We built our home (with TONS of help from family and friends) in 2006.
* While we built our home we lived in a school bus on our land for a year and half.
* If you are facing our house, our future kitchen addition will be the the right.
* Our home sits on 2.5 acres that we share with my brother and sister in-law & their kids.

Enjoy the sneak peek!


Daisie said...

A lovely video, it was good to hear your voice, I can hear it in my head now when I read your posts! I thought our house was small but yours in smaller, so beautiful and beautifully organised, I love the kitchen sink and Lili's little bedroom. I dry laundry over our stairs too. Thanks for sharing x

Liz said...

I like how you've rearranged the living room. You really make 650 sq ft so appealing. Its a lovely!

Liz said...

Also, the kids are adorable. I have not seen the loft in person, yet. I love it!

Lucy Ladham-Dyment said...

Thanks for the video. It sure is good to hear your voices and see your place.

chris said...

your place is so charming! it must be fun to be a visitor and linger over areas and see things up close. love what you've done with space and angles, with windows and light. Lili's bedroom is wonderful! what a special secret place for a little girl! thanks for posting this, and, as others have said, after reading your words for so long, finally hearing your voice just makes me smile!

Kathleen said...

One of my favorite places in the world. xo

Lucy said...

I love this! Oh how I miss you guys! And the house looks so clean :)

wildviolets said...

Always love your sweet home. It is so warm and welcoming.

Jill said...

sweet home for a sweet family!
xoBlessings, jill