project #2

 A Seed & Sky photo-shoot.
A popular fashion website is going to be doing a product review/interview with Seed & Sky sometime this month. They emailed me asking for the CEO, Marketing Director, or Designer to submit ads, photos, and an interview to them as soon as possible. I went looking for examples and inspiration on  their website. Well... things looked good. Really good. The images seriously looked like they jumped off the streets of Hollywood. I quickly realized I don't have any photographs or ads with models which was a problem.
Truth be told, asking me to comment on "fashion" and "fashion trends" brings up horrible insecurities that date back to grade school. Or more specifically, that phase in middle school when I went from not caring what I looked like, to it being very important to be cool and to be fashionable. And I never was cool enough or got it right. The ugly feeling this brings up is not about what I wore (although I cringe at that too), it is the insecurity and trying to be something I wasn't that is uncomfortable to think back on now.

So having this website that has over 600,000 unique visitors each month asking me to discuss current trends and high fashion is daunting. Instead of feeling not worthy and insecure about it though I am simply going to focus on my own fashion aesthetic. My collection is about self expression and beauty. If I focus on that it should go smoothly.

And I am feeling a lot more confident after having a successful photo shoot with two friends today. I am grateful they were willing to be brave and put themselves out there. Aren't they gorgeous? I think so  :)

We did the photo shoot at Allie's house. She has a very unique home and beautiful landscaping. She and her husband built their home themselves. Most of the walls in their home are built with recycled car tires. It may sound weird, but they have done an amazing job. It is a one-of-a-kind place, and it created an interesting backdrop for the photos.
 See the bottles in the wall of their bathroom and how they catch the sunlight? So pretty.

 And here are a few of my favorite shots:



wildviolets said...

Love your photos!!! Your friends look beautiful and so do your ear rings:) You all did a wonderful job.

Mandy said...

Great job all around!!! Beautiful photos!