A quick hello!
I have been working all day, every day, to get ready for all of the upcoming shows. Everything is looking tight! Like these card packs I have been working on tonight. I have two shows this weekend and then next week I will photograph all the new stuff and get it up in the shop. :)
Lil and Seo have ferocious and horribly gross colds right now ~ so sleeping and trying to get work done have been tricky.  Even as I type this the sounds of the keyboard clicking is waking Seo up. My
poor baby is miserable...

Tonight Alex and I are working side by side, and in an effort to be quiet we each have our own headset on. Alex can't stand the Indigo Girls so it is a treat to be listening to some old-school (high school/early 90's for me) music.

I hope all is well in your neck of the woods!
♥ Kelcey


Liz said...

Sorry about your sweet kiddos:( Hope they feel better soon. What is the graphic above? An ad for your owl card set? If so, that's really neat! I am so excited for you--all of those amazing shows, all the exposure and opportunity. Good Luck, have fun and embrace the abundance!See you soon!

jessica louise said...

hey kelcey,
cards are a great idea! i'll check the shop soon and look forward to getting some as a christmas gift.
good luck with all the shows!

amanda said...

Hi Kelcey,

It was nice to meet you today at the White Horse market~ can't wait to get my prints framed and up on my bedroom wall! Wishing all the best to you and a quick recovery to your wee ones.


Unknown said...

Kelc! Sorry the Bambinos are sick!
Will those cards be up on etsy? I really want to buy a set...xo Lucy