Big Love Fest

After I put the kids to bed tonight I ate store-bought rotisserie chicken, salted caramel gelato and wine for dinner.
Yep. and I ate it sitting on the counter...
We vended at the Big Love Festival today (a wonderful big festival in the heart of downtown that features 100% local music, food, and businesses) and Alex stayed later to break down the booth.  The kids stayed with friends all day and I drove home at 7pm just in time to put them to bed.

My new mounted prints & little necklaces debuted today (I will have to show you them both later this week!) and they were a big success. It always feels good when something you have been putting a lot of energy into works out. Overall the day was lovely. It made me proud to live in such a wonderful, wonderful place. A place with such amazing businesses and culture.
A big thank you to everyone who came out and supported us today!

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Liz said...

Your booth was AMAZING! Your displays were well stocked and organized. You have an inspiring variety of products, sizes, prices... something for everyone! You guys rock! You are my crafty idols! I went in every jewelry booth yesterday and you are total professionals:) You got it all right. In so many ways, there is nothing out there like Seed and Sky. Best of all your artwork in the star of it all and your art is beautiful. Congratulations, I am just SOOOO happy for you old friend.