first show of the season

Alex and I left the kids with my mom, Becca, and Dave this past weekend to participate in the Durham NC Spring Market. It was the first time we have had a childless overnight together since Lili was born! That part felt really fun but also very strange. We stayed with good friends and it was nice to get a deeper glimpse into their lives.
The market itself was just okay. The air conditioning in the our area was inadequate, and the room was very stuffy. Customers were walking into the room, saying "Oh my god, it is hot in here" and turning right around. Traffic was slow and sales were on the slow side too... No matter what though, I always love connecting with other artists living a similar lifestyle, and Durham has a thriving arts scene which was fun to witness. 

The kids barely mentioned our names the whole weekend they were having so much fun!


Lucy Ladham-Dyment said...

Yes, the kids don't miss us, it is us who think they will. LOL. Great to hear about your shows and progress on your busines.

Linda said...

Ahem ... the kids did not mention your names, not barely, but just not! Actually, maybe Lili did ... once? Seo, zero. Amazing how kids are so in the moment ~ moment by moment!

chris said...

Your set up there looks so appealing! Love the banner hanging off the table!