seed & sky news

It is high time I give a Seed & Sky update, don't you think?

Lots of changes and exciting additions have been simmering just below the surface for awhile now. Firstly, I have been working directly with a manufacturer to create two new bezel settings for my bigger necklaces and silver earrings. I had been searching for almost a year to find the setting of my dreams, and I never found it. So I decided to create and invest in exactly what I imagined. I am excited to announce that they will be plated in Rhodium. Rhodium is in the platinum family. It is silver colored, (although not as shiny as silver alloy), hypoallergenic, and extremely tarnish-resistant. It has taken months of tweaking the mold they are making for me, and it is almost complete~ hooray!

and when I say almost complete, that probably means a month or two still!

However, in the meantime I am adding an antiqued bronze line to Seed & Sky as well. I am really in love with these little necklaces. They are delicate and pretty, and as small as they are, the image is still crystal clear.
See how tiny they are?

Next up, little matching bronze earrings! 


wildviolets said...

Love the necklaces, so beautiful!

Mrs. Hunewell said...

the bronze is beautiful...and these necklaces are soooo sweet! my favorite!

This is My Life said...

The bronze necklaces are beautiful.