dear santa...

I have mixed feelings about the notion of Santa Claus. I have sweet memories of Christmas and Santa, and I wasn't personally scarred when I found out Santa wan't "real". As a parent I am one part giddy about the magic of it all and the twinkle in the eyes, and one part uneasy with not telling the truth and the consumerism aspect of Santa. It is all so much.

And yet, while my adult mind is feeling muddled and fretful about how best to instill what I think is important about this time of year, my children are excited. So excited. Seo is in LOVE with the tree and Lili is in awe about the reindeer and the mystery of it all. And they are joyful at making cookies, and snowflakes, and presents for others. Whenever I find myself complicating it I try to let it go and see it through their eyes. 


*BOOSTER (as in a big kid booster car-seat)
LIPSTiCK (preferably purple)
ORANGE (yes, the kind you eat)

half heart, half heart, half heart (she said she doesn't know how to draw a full heart yet)
iiLKOi" (Lilikoi)
When she is older I hope I have the grace to explain Santa eloquently like this: http://www.cozi.com/live-simply/truth-about-santa


Lucy Ladham-Dyment said...

Hope Santa found purple lipstick. I too, feel the way you do.

Linda said...

Love how Lili is rockin' her S's!
Cute, cute letter... a keeper!

Mrs. Hunewell said...

what a darling list! in the great scheme of things, our kids are little for such a short. go with the joy and magic while you still can!! also, thanks for that link - what a great way to look at the whole santa mystique!!