Have I told you how much I love making snowflakes?

The past couple of years I have been using coffee filters to make snowflakes. They work well because they are ready to go and they are such a light paper so they are easy to fold and cut.  Alex discovered that you can use hole punches to make neat dots in them too. The decorative scissors are hard to use on the coffee filters, but an adult can do it.

When you are making snowflakes with little ones they need so much assistance it is almost impossible to make your own, so I took a bit of Seo's nap-time the other day to revel in making my own. I just love making snowflakes. 


Linda said...

Maybe it's genetic ...
I, too, love making snowflakes!
Did we do it when you were little?
I can see an end of the week art project for those classes who've packed up their gifts and have one class before break. I have a whole stack of filters, too.

Mandy said...

I never thought of using coffee filters! I too love making snowflakes...with a bit of glitter ;)
Best wishes to you all!

Sweet Mess said...

ooooooh a bit of glitter... I will have to try that!