my show

Alex and I hung my show at Ananda Hair Salon on Tuesday night. The space at Ananda is huge with beautiful wood floors and a long 44' wall and several smaller walls to hang work on. It took us 5 hours to hang my show, and we were both delirious when we finally turned off the lights at 1:30am.

My show consists of 20 of my original paintings. It felt so good to see them all together. My art studio is only 7.5'x7.5' so I never get to see my work all spread out with room to breathe. They had asked me if I wanted to have an art opening a few weeks ago... and at the time it felt way too overwhelming to consider it and I said no. Now that my show is up I feel a bit sad about it. It all looks so good together and I don't know if anybody I know will get a chance to see all of my new work. At the very least it was good practice for future shows!
 Life has been so full I haven't shown anyone my new work... I love this one. 

 Some more new work...
 And one of the biggest paintings I have ever done at 4'x5'. I got the canvas for free because it was all wonky. I always have disliked the give and bounce of painting on canvas, but for some reason I enjoyed painting on it for this one...
 This one doesn't match the majority of my work right now as well, so I hung it in the back near the shampoo area. It looked really nice all on it's own.
 If you live in Asheville stop by and check it out! 


gretchenmist . . . {belinda} said...

love the one in the 6th pic the most :)

Tamera Goller said...

love your artwork especially the brilliant touch of type and picture ... so elegant!!

Jane@flightplatformliving said...

OMG love it!!!!!