fresh start

We have been slow to jump back into Seed & Sky after the holidays. Pre-holiday we were working almost 7 days a week, day and night~ and then a huge lull (and a big sigh of relief) when our vacation set in. It is such a treat to actually take a break. Even if it is something you love, it is nice to have some fresh air from it. Before we jumped back into Seed & Sky full time Alex decided to take a small carpentry job for a couple weeks and we have been shifting our upstairs space dramatically. Clearing out toys and things that we have outgrown, adding new organizers, and changing up our bedroom scene. Alex and I squished our bed into Lili's former loft bedroom (we had to saw away a bit of the wall so it would fit!) Despite my having an anxiety attack from feeling claustrophobic the first night in our new bedroom, it has been nice to have a little privacy. I am really starting to love it.
I was concerned to be stealing Lili's bedroom, but she was thrilled to trade up her toddler bed for a new twin sized bed, and the top bunk of a loft-bunk-bed that Alex built. When he built it he included a foot long bookcase that runs the length of the bed so she has room to keep all of her treasures, stuffed animals, and dolls.
Seo traded up the crib for Lili's old toddler bed. His little space is under Lili's loft and is packed in with their two dressers~ making it like a little cave for him. Feeling like he was getting the short end of the stick we made him a little nook behind the ladder for his special things.
All of this shifting allowed for a true play space for the kids upstairs which is nice because it gives a more defined work area for Seed & Sky at the other end of our upstairs. Our house always feels like an inspector gadget house with new spaces popping up to fit our needs as they arise.
more pictures soon!


Erin said...

very, cool! I can't wait to see more pictures and wish I could see it in person.

Mandy said...

Seo looks so tall! It's so fun to make a new space! Fun fun fun.

chris said...

Seo does look big - older!! I remember enjoying the last round of pictures of your place and am looking forward to seeing your loft. Your post is inspiring...I need to follow your lead and make some big changes in this old house.