Upstairs peek

Looking toward the front of our upstairs, Lili's new bunk-bed/loft. This dresser was mine as a child, and my Aunt Sharon's before me. Inside that little door was my favorite place to hide in hide-and-seek when I was little, now that part of the dresser keeps the kid's dress-up clothes. 
 Looking toward the back of our upstairs. The little loft with the window is Alex and my new bedroom space. The door at the back leads to our bathroom and above that are boxes of storage.  Art supplies and our indoor laundry line as you head down the stairs (at the bottom right of the photo.)
 Little ladder stairs up to Alex and my bed & the play kitchen Alex built for the Lili a couple years ago. Somehow moving and shifting the toys around gives them a second life.  I have been eating a lot of wooden and felt food this week!
Lili's bed and her big wall bookcase for all of her treasures. 
 Seo's bed tucked in under Lili's. 
Featuring our one window with trim upstairs.
As much as living in a small space drives me crazy sometimes, most of the time I LOVE it. I love the challenge of finding a home for everything. I love the challenge of making it work. I love how quickly it cleans up (never mind about how quickly it gets messed up.) I love feeling like our family is close and cozy. I love that our family helped us build our home.  I love how imperfect it is~ allowing us to imagine new ways to shift our space. 


Erin said...

It looks amazing! I love it. I am always so impressed with how well you organize your small spaces and make it feel so warm, welcoming, and cozy. Thanks for sharing!

chris said...

what a wonderful spot for kids - they must love the coziness and closeness of it. and keep eating that felt food for as long as you can!

Jenny said...

I always love it when you show bits of your little home. So cozy and fun.

Gwen Diehn said...

What a great space for your family Kelcey! Why am I not surprised that you would make such a fine nest? Miss you!

Danielle said...

I would love to live in a charming little cottage like yours <3 So beautiful and so much character!