birthday letter

My dearest little boy.
Look at your fingers, still so chubby with the remnants of toddler-hood. Yet, we all know this coming year they will slim down and stretch out. Ten little pudgy digits that are a microcosm of your entire growing and reaching spirit.
Oh, how I love all these bits of you that remind me of how small you still are. Your "Yeth" for "Yes", the sweetness of your body settling into a snuggle, your pokey belly, the way you drool like a st. Bernard when you get excited, the weight of your body as I carry you downstairs first thing in the morning... But I also love the way you watch your big sister, waiting for the right moment to copy her. And I think you are getting more hilarious by the day. I love watching you follow a marble down a marble chute, seeing the wheels turning in your head. So many things I love about you that are pushing forward and wanting to absorb more of life.
The feeling people get when they see photos of cute kittens or puppies~ I feel that swell of unbearable cuteness several times a day for you. That swooning is tempered (or is it fueled?) by a an incredible awe for your gentle soul and your inquisitive mind.
On this night that you turned three I want to let you know that you are a true gift, and I am honored to be here to witness your shift into childhood.
I love you.


Anonymous said...

This is so beautiful, Kelcey! Thanks for sharing. Happy Birthday, Seo!

Liz said...

He really is such a gentle soul, and sooo cute! Happy Birthday, Eliseo!

Daisie said...

Happy happy birthday Seo and a wonderful year ahead of you xx