the makers summit

I had the huge pleasure of attending the Makers Summit this past Saturday in Greenville SC. Created by the same talented folks who put on the Indie Craft Parade, the Makers Summit was an amazing business conference for artists, crafters, and designers.

The keynote speakers were really informative and inspirational, and I came home with some great kindling for Seed & Sky's business growth in 2013. Here is a Stephen Fraser, the founder of Spoonflower, sharing his wisdom:
One piece of advice he gave was finding a business partner with complimentary skills. That was nice to hear since that is Alex and me for sure! 

I felt pretty brave going to this conference all by myself. I spend so much time up on the mountain that I always feel socially awkward in big groups of people. I am embarrassed to admit this, but it is always a struggle to break out of my shyness ~ which is why it felt so nice to see this friendly face as soon as I got into the building. It was Margaret from Grit Goods who I know from both being vendors at different shows:
Everything was so inviting and pretty...

I sincerely hope they have this again next year. My job as a designer and artist can be lonely and isolating, (especially since we live in such a rural area,) so it was a treat to get to spend a whole day connecting with others with similar passions. 

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Jane@flightplatformliving said...

oh it looks great, would love to visit something like that and so happy you found a friendly face when you got there. looking forward to seeing the fruits take shape over the coming year as your create xxx thanks so much for stopping by ( you caught me right in the middle of a change around though, did you know i have a family blog? ) hugs and love jane xxx