working with resin - process

I spent yesterday afternoon doing a big resin pour for our jewelry. After we set the miniature prints into the metal settings we seal them with a protective layer of finish. After that they are ready to be filled with jewelers resin ~ or "a pour" as we call it in our house. The resin we use is a two part epoxy that gets mixed together in a 1:1 ratio. Everything has to be done very carefully and there are a lot of factors that can mess up a pour.  Once the resin is mixed properly I use a medicine dropper to drip the liquid into the tiny metal bezels. Little bubbles form and I pop them with a needle.
 Until the resin cures into a hard glass-like finish it is toxic to breathe, so I get dressed up in my safety respirator.

All the lovely little earrings curing! 

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Jenny said...

Wow - that is one ominous looking mask.

I love the photo of all those earings drying in a crowd. I spy those darling acorns in there - may have to get a pair for myself :)