This morning I was goofing off with Lil and holding her upside down and I caught a glimpse of white far back in her upper gums. I tickled her softly and craned in to see... Yep, a molar was half in already. How did I miss that? Looking back now I see some restless nights sleep last week, and there was some excess drooling. I feel a little guilty that I didn't see it before... not that I could have done much for her. But, it feels strange to feel out of touch with her even this small amount. A small sign she is growing up and is less of a baby. And once more I am reminded of the slow process of letting her go that began with her birth.


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Liz said...

Yes, it seems that Lili is not very much a baby anymore, but more a young toddler now. I realized that yesterday, watching her toddle about the house, pointing and gesturing, asking you to tell about the things she saw. It's amazing how she has changed in the month or so since I saw her last. I have to say, for having such a big tooth coming in, she certainly is very sweet and happy.