Here is a few of the almost completed ornaments (they still need eye hooks and ribbon) that I have been working on this past week. Alex hasn't been able to find work the past two weeks so he has officially become my studio helper. It isn't nice that he has no work, but it sure has been nice to have so much family time and all the extra help with my upcoming show.

My Mom is a potter and so I grew up in a household that went through the unique experience of preparing for a show or craft fair. My Dad would help out in any way he could, and my Mom would spend long days the week before preparing. Even doing all-nighters...Despite the fact that our regular life got put on pause while they scrambled to cram in as much as they could, I have fond memories of both the anticipation and the actual fairs. As I was counting up my inventory after I had put everything away today I realized how funny it is that this is one of the first craft fairs I have done and yet it doesn't feel that way at all. I attribute this to all of the days helping my parents when I was little. And so it is weird to find my family helping me prepare for my own craft fair.
It is like I am choosing to wear my Mother's shoes.


Daisie said...

The ornamnets are very beautiful especially the little purple bird in the middle of the shot.
Good luck at the fair!!

Erin said...

They look pretty amazing! Good luck at the craft fair. I remember those days when your mom would pull all nighters to get ready for a show for her pottery. Down in the basement. I remember those crazy days. It brings a smile to my face thinking of you in a similar way!

Anonymous said...

how fun!! i love all of the cut paper and fun designs...thanks for letting us peek in at the process.
i hope the fair goes very well. hope you are very well.

Linda said...

I'm glad you have fond memories of all those hours of me (and you guys) preparing for craft fairs. You wait - there will be something magical about the connections you make at the craft fair. Good luck! Love you!

Anonymous said...

Oh, I'm so excited for your fair! And the ornaments look so beautiful. I've been thinking of your mom's fair days recently as I set up my advent wreath in one of her flower/candle rings. I have fond memories of sitting in the driveway in the shade, filling the candle rings with dried flowers... And of course being at the actual fair itself was the highlight... I love thinking of Lili growing up with similar memories.

Diana said...

hey kelcey those are beautiful! have you ever considered doing designs for christmas cards on etsy? I totally want to buy a picture from you for a christmas card (if that makes sense)???

CT said...


They are really magnificent. I feel as if I could just hold one. The picture you choose to place on the blog is so close to real life. It makes me miss you - as always. I came in on the tail end of your mom's fair days, but I remember Erin's mom working so hard too.

Lots of love to you and Good Luck. You've worked really hard.

Miss you!!! Hopefully, we'll be able to come over to NC this spring. Have a ton of fun in NH this January. I know we'll be in touch before then....


p.s. please hug lili and alex for me - lots of kisses