very dark, sweet, and very creamy.

and sometimes with eggnog in it. do you think that is gross?


Mberenis said...
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Erin said...

No. When I was a barrista I used to make whole Egg Nog Latte's. That is a lot of egg nog. I like my black with small spoon o sugar. MMMM...coffee!

Adam said...

The question of grossness depends on whether you're virtually sharing a cup of coffee or cocoa. Namely:

Coffee=gross (with or without eggnog)
Cocoa=delicious, even with eggnog (though that might distract from its chocolatociousness)

Did you get spammed again? It's because you write such commercial-sounding posts, obviously! You should click "Delete forever" and then it won't show up on the page at all.

Diane said...

I just had it in my coffee yesterday and had to wonder why I haven't done this ALWAYS. Delicious.

Anonymous said...

Sounds yummy to me!