I have had two strokes of blog-o-sphere fortune this past month that I wanted to share. As much as I can recollect, I haven't ever really won anything aside from my big win: the Forth of July grand prize that I won when I was 10 (100 gallons of fuel oil). So that is why this month is particularly special. The first happening was that Supria from Encaustic Musings gave me an honorary prize on her big giveaway (because I commented so much...) The prize took it's time (weeks) to meander through the Canadian/US customs, but when it arrived I was in complete awe. She painted me this incredible and personal little painting. See?

I hung it up in my little work space, and have been inspired by it everyday since. Thank You!!!

And THEN, today I was going through my routine of checking in at the blogs I love- and long and behold there was my name: I had won Daisie's (see here to check out her blog) giveaway! It is this super cute little skate ornament that she made by hand. So, Thank You SO much!!!I have a bad habit of feeling guilty when I win anything- I guess because that means someone else doesn't win. I probably would have more luck if I lost this habit. And as I can see from my win from Supria- winning isn't always black and white either. There are always plenty of surprises in life to be had...


Supria said...

Hi Kelcey:

You were one of my first blogging friends and I have so enjoyed your comments,thoughts and support on my blog...and absolutely love your blog and work...so it felt fitting to do a special piece for you...one that spoke to me the ideas I have about you and that definitely is warm, wonderful artist...as delivered by our little bird friend...as so much of your work includes these fine feathered friends.
Enjoy the holiday season, keep up the great heart felt work and creative journey. Supria

Anonymous said...

Kelcey.... I LOVE coming to your blog!! It is such a treat, especially since you are far away and I so long to talk ART with you!!!!
Thank you for sending me Julie! We had a great time and I hope she's able to make some encaustic works in her wilderness abode.
I've started a blog .... hoping to expand my horizons this winter.
Miss you