Alex's Art

I wanted to share this oak covered journal that Alex finished making last night (He finished sewing it as we watched episodes of The Office). He used to make so much more art, and in the last few years that has tapered off. I always worry that somehow I, or our family, is the culprit for him stopping creating. So, whenever he creates something it is doubly satisfying to me. Beautiful isn't it?


Linda said...

Love Alex's journal!!!!! Especially the radial string design. Wonder what the dimensions are?
Hey, when you guys are up here, Alex can come make art in my studio, too!

NeNe and Papa said...

I agree! Very beautiful! I think Alley Cat has been using his talent all along to design your home and help others build theirs! Also in all the yummy things he has baked. So...no guilt, little girl;) It's all good.
His Mama

Linda said...

diddo to Kathleen's observations! Alex is one of the most creative souls I know :)

Lucy Ladham-Dyment said...

Wonderful blog. Just love Alex's book. Would live to see inside also.




Erin said...

It's Super cool looking! You are both such artists!!! I love it all:-)

Supria Karmakar said...

Beautiful for sure....I love the binding, string work and the wood..it makes me want to feel the grain of the wood...
Lovely that you are both artists.