Erin said...

Oh my god she is so freaking cute!

Diana said...

ooooh my goodness.... she is soooo cute!!! I love that video!

Edibeth said...

There is something about Dane's laugh plus Lili's blinking that makes that a classic!!!!!

Five Carmonas said...

as if we weren't missing her enough already! we must have just watched that video 15 times!
our thoughts are skating on this cold arctic blast from our freezing state to yours...brrrr
love you all

Anonymous said...

i feel like i know you all!
Lili is soooooo PRECIOUS!
i remember my little one when she was that age -- nothing else in the world mattered.

CT said...

Love it. Your father is incredible. How lucky is lili to have such a great grandpa!!!! BTW - LOVE THE SHIRT!

XOXOXO - Hug her and squeeze her cheeks for me.